The 5 Best Gym Shorts for Men (2024): Legends Shorts Review

High performance athletes need high performance apparel; however, it can be a real challenge to find gym shorts that can truly meet all of your needs. Luckily, there’s a brand out there that might just have the solution – Legends

Legends appeals to all men due their high quality materials, excellent designs, and functional workout apparel, and we’re here to give you the inside scoop on their 5 best gym shorts for men.

From their classic Luka shorts to the Lennox lifestyle shorts, Legends has a wide selection of athletic shorts that not only look great and fit perfectly, but they also meet the high demand of athletes and workout enthusiasts everywhere.

Continue reading to find out why these shorts are quickly becoming the go-to choice for anyone demanding performance, style, and undeniable comfort from their workout apparel.

My Build

For reference in the photos on this page, I am 6’0 tall and weight 187 pounds. I wear size medium shorts or size 32 waist.

TIFFxDAN - working out with a jump rope in Legends Luka Shorts

Best Legends Shorts for Men

Best Legends Shorts for All Around: Luka Shorts

Great for: Anyone looking for an all in one workout short that is comfortable and durable


  • Lightweight, 4 way stretch fabric
  • Laser-cut ventilation for breathability
  • Available in 5″ or 7″ inseam lengths
  • Option for liner or linerless design
  • Over 7,000 5-star customer reviews
  • Split-curve hem for aerodynamic movement


  • Premium price point compared to some competitors
  • Fabric may not provide as much compression as some prefer

Dan’s Take:

The Luka Shorts are high up in my rotation of gym shorts and you’ll often see me wearing these in our . I love the huge variety of colors and patterns and how they are lightweight, but will also hold up to extreme workouts. I have a few pairs of Luka Shorts that I purchased three years ago and aside from getting a little faded from multiple washes, they still look and perform great – no rips or tears. I reach for these shorts when I’m going to workout, relax around the house, run errands, and everything in-between. The Luka Shorts are incredible versatile and offer a great combination of performance focused features, thoughtful design, and amazing reviews from customers, making them a top choice for anyone looking for an incredible all around gym short.


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Best Legends Shorts for Lifestyle: Lennox Shorts

Great for: People who want a short to relax and go about their day in


  • Versatile design that’s great for both athletic activities and casual/streetwear
  • Made with VersaTech™ fabric, which offers moisture wicking and breathable properties
  • Shorter 5″ inseam provides a modern, fashion forward look
  • Extended drawcords add an extra touch of style
  • Front slant pockets provide convenience and functionality
  • Intended for everyday wear, making it a practical and comfortable choice


  • The shorter 5″ inseam may be too revealing for some people
  • Potential for the extended drawcords to become dirty or tangled

Dan’s Take:

These shorts have quickly become my favorite to wear when I’m at home, heading out, and even for working out. They are really comfortable, fashion forward, and they look great! You can pair these with an oversized tee like the Fairfax Tee, or any streetwear shirts that you own for a killer fit. The Legends Lennox Shorts seamlessly blend athletic functionality with street inspired style making them a versatile and fashion forward choice for anyone seeking a comfortable, performance driven short for everyday use. Note: hide these from your wife or significant other or they will go missing!


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Best Legends Shorts for Running: Bishop Shorts

Great for: People who want a lightweight and breathable short for running


  • Athlete tested and approved for peak performance
  • Engineered for exceptional breathability and lightness
  • Available in 5″ or 7″ inseam options to suit preferences
  • Option for liner or linerless design
  • Designed to support all day mobility and comfort
  • Ideal for warmer weather activities and workouts
  • Classic straight cut for a versatile, performance focused fit


  • Premium pricing compared to some other workout shorts
  • Limited color/style options
  • Potential durability concerns from intense training activities

Dan’s Take:

The Bishop Shorts are super lightweight and breathable, fit really well, and move effortlessly with you. When I first tried them on they felt different from the Luka Shorts, which I was used to, but in the best possible way. I love wearing these on my cardio and HIIT days, but often wear them when working out. I like how the drawstring is concealed on the inside of the band vs. the other shorts from Legends where the drawstring is on the outside. If you want high performance shorts that are built for breathability, mobility, and all day comfort, these will be a great choice for you.


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Best Legends Shorts for Crossfit: Luka HD

Great for people looking for more the most durable shorts


  • Built on the proven design of the popular Luka Shorts
  • Upgraded with diamond ripstop fabric for enhanced durability
  • Able to withstand the demands of intense training sessions
  • Maintains the same great fit and style as the original Luka
  • Provides reliable performance for high-impact activities
  • Offers the same range of inseam length options (5″ and 7″)


  • Higher price point compared to the standard Luka Shorts
  • Potentially less breathable than the lightweight Luka fabric
  • Some users may prefer the softer feel of the original fabric

Dan’s Take:

The Luka HD Shorts take the great qualities of the Luka Short but are upgraded with diamond ripstop fabric making them practically indestructible. If you’ve followed our then you’ve seen me wearing these shorts for years. They fit perfect and move great with your body – whether you’re strength training, doing HIIT, or getting in cardio. If you’re on the hunt for the most durable gym shorts out there then look no futher. The Luka HD Shorts from Legends is where your search ends.


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Best Legends Shorts for Rest Day: Luka Mesh

Great for anyone looking for a pair of shorts to relax in


  • Same great fit and silhouette as the original Luka shorts
  • Mesh fabric provides a distinctive, fashion forward look
  • Slightly thicker material than expected, offering good durability
  • Built in liner offers additional support and coverage
  • Maintains performance features of the classic Luka design


  • Mesh fabric may not provide as much breathability as the original Luka
  • Thicker material could feel heavier or less lightweight for some people
  • Limited color/style options compared to the Luka short
  • Built in liner may not be preferred by all users

Dan’s Take:

I can’t stop wearing the Luka Mesh shorts! If you follow us on Instagram then you’ll find me wearing these shorts when I’m cooking, hanging with the family, and even in our home gym working out. The fit is the same as the Luka Shorts but are designed with a mesh fabric, making them breathable and great to move in. They come in some of the coolest colors and patterns, making them great as a lifestyle short too. Don’t sleep on these shorts – they look so damn good and they will hold up to any workout you can throw at them!


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What type of shorts are best for the gym?

The best gym shorts are made of breathable, moisture wicking fabrics that allow for a full range of motion. Look for shorts with features like flat seams, gusseted crotches, and lightweight constructions to maximize comfort during workouts. Many people prefer shorts with built in liners or compression shorts underneath for extra support and coverage.

How do I choose the right gym shorts?

When selecting gym shorts, consider the type of activities you’ll be doing – high intensity training requires more flexibility and breathability. Pay attention to the inseam length, fabric composition, and waistband style to ensure a comfortable, chafe-free fit. If you have a preferred brand or style, stick with what you know fits and performs well for your needs.

Is it okay to wear gym shorts in public?

Gym shorts are generally acceptable to wear in public. However, it’s important to be mindful of the setting and dress appropriately because gym shorts may not be suitable for formal or professional events. When in doubt, it’s best to change out of your workout gear if you plan to be in a more formal or conservative setting.

Why are gym shorts so expensive?

High quality gym shorts often use advanced, performance enhancing fabrics and technologies that come at a premium price point. Brands invest in R&D to create shorts that offer features like moisture wicking, stretch, and durability that justify the cost. The brand name and marketing behind certain gym short styles can also contribute to the higher price tag.

Should workout shorts be tight or loose?

The ideal tightness for gym shorts depends on personal preference and the type of activity you’re doing. Tighter, compression style shorts can provide support and reduce muscle fatigue during high intensity workouts. Looser, more relaxed shorts offer greater freedom of movement and breathability, which may be preferred for lower impact activities.

Should gym shorts go above or below the knees?

The length of gym shorts is largely a personal preference, with options ranging from short 3 inch inseams to longer 9 inch styles. Shorter shorts provide more mobility and ventilation, while longer shorts offer more coverage and support. Consider the type of workout, your height, and your comfort level when deciding on the ideal inseam length.

How many gym shorts should I own?

The number of gym shorts you should own depends on how often you work out and do laundry, along with how often you like to change up your look. Many people find that having 2-3 pairs of quality gym shorts is sufficient to rotate through during the week. If you exercise frequently, you may want to have 4-5 pairs to ensure you always have a clean, dry pair ready to go.

Should I size up in gym shorts?

It’s generally recommended to order your true size in gym shorts, as they are designed to be form fitting and relatively true to size. Sizing up can result in the shorts being too baggy and potentially causing chafing or excess fabric that gets in the way during workouts. If you’re unsure, check the brand’s size chart and measurement guidelines to determine the best fit for your body type.

Do you wear anything under gym shorts?

Many gym shorts come with a built in liner or compression short, which eliminates the need for additional undergarments. If your gym shorts don’t have a liner, you can choose to wear compression shorts, briefs, or go commando based on your personal preference and comfort level. Wearing breathable, moisture wicking underwear can help prevent chafing and keep you feeling fresh during intense workouts.

How do I know if gym shorts are too short?

Gym shorts that are too short may ride up uncomfortably or expose more skin than you’re comfortable with during physical activity. As a general rule, gym shorts should have an inseam of at least 5 inches to provide adequate coverage and range of motion. If the shorts feel overly revealing or restrict your movement, it’s likely time to size up or choose a longer inseam option.

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