Get started on your six pack journey or get your almost-there six pack dialed in with our 6 Pack Abs Starter Series, a 6 week ab challenge that will work your entire core and get your core summer-ready.

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The Basics Nutritional Guide

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6 Pack Abs Starter Series Videos

This series consists of 5 ab videos that you’ll repeat every week for 6 weeks.

10 Min Lower Abs

Lower abs can be difficult to strengthen because that is where our body stores most of its excess fat. And for women, the hormone estrogen naturally wants to hold onto fat in this area.

But don’t worry, there are lots of great exercises you can do to get rid of it. Follow this workout to strengthen your lower abs and tighten up that lower belly fat.

10 Min Oblique Workout

Training the sides of your core are just as important as the front.

The obliques (the muscles that run along the sides of the waist, from the ribs to the hip bones) play a very important role. We use them every time we twist our torsos, or bend down to one side or the other. The obliques help stabilize us and keep our torso protected.

When training for killer abs, one area most people neglect to train are the obliques. When well-trained and when your overall body fat is low, the obliques fully frame your rectus abdominis (aka your six-pack) and give your waist a more tapered look. Obliques are the aesthetic finish that separate great abs from average ones.

10 Min Upper Abs

When training your upper abs, you’re really focusing on the top half of a muscle group called the rectus abdominis (aka your “six pack” muscles), which runs down the front of your core from your ribs to your pubic bone.

When training to get a defined six pack it’s important to keep your entire core strong by doing a wide variety of exercises—from isometric moves like planks to classics such as crunches. However, if you want to specifically target your upper abs, you can do that by focusing on movements that involve pulling your chest toward your pelvis—or just the opposite.

While the exercises in this upper abs workout will work your entire core (your abs are all connected), they’ll especially set that top half of your abs on fire.

10 Min Total Abs

This is the best abs workout when you want to work your entire core — the upper abs, lower abs, and obliques + core.

This video features some of our favorite abs exercises that you can incorporate à la carte into your existing routine—or simply follow along in this 10 min abs workout. Try repeating this workout twice for a killer ab burner.

10 Min Ultimate Core Workout

A strong, stable core is the foundation you need to not only prevent injury but move freely and strongly in every workout.

This workout features classic core-stabilizing plank variations that are mostly simple, yet so effective.

This 10 min ultimate core workout will strengthen not only your abs and core, but your spine, rhomboids, lats, traps, core, quads, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, and triceps as well. If you’re going to repeat only one ab workout on a weekly basis – this one will give you the best results over time.

Nutrition: What Should I Eat To Get Abs?

Don’t forget about your nutrition as we complete this abs series. You can workout every single day and eat like trash and not see the results you desire. Some simple tips:

  • Cut out the sugar (soda, candy and all the unnecessary crap)
  • Eat whole foods — the less processed foods, the better.
  • Reduce your intake of white (bleached) wheat. Opt for healthier 100% whole wheat or similar options.
  • Cut back the inflammation by reducing inflammatory foods such as gluten, trans fat, alcohol, refined carbs, etc.

The Basics Nutritional Guide

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6 Pack Abs Starter Series Schedule

6 pack abs starter series workout schedule - TIFF x DAN YouTube

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